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Drink Like a New Yorker, Don’t Think About Price


I just nipped back into my room at the Marriott Marquis in New York. It’s just after 10pm and I’m still suffering from jet lag. The temperature outside is 11 degrees, but with a brutal chill. I have left tonnes of New Yorkers or tourists or whoever they are, drinking in that chill.

The Broadway Lounge and Terrace is a hotel bar that overlooks NYC’s Theatre district. Times Square smorgasbord of advertising billboards blink into the terrace. You are also right on Broadway.

So essentially, you are drinking in the heart of New York and it reverberates with energy and something I can’t quite put my finger on. Maybe it was the eternal invincibility of New York, or the fact that New York feels like it will always be there.

Whatever it was, I loved it. It’s like sitting on the King’s throne when he’s out to pee. Being in “the middle of the world” comes with a price. Drinks are not cheap. A simple Glenlivet, 12-year-old (not a bad drink, by the way, better than the 18-year-old if you ask me) that I would buy for Sh400 a tot goes for Sh720 a tot in this bar. A double is almost Sh1,500. But this is New York.

Someone told me not to try and convert the dollar to shillings when in New York, it will ruin the experience because apparently in New York you can’t put a price to the experience.

The bar was selling a variety of cocktails. It seemed like their best sells are cocktails. They also had delicious entrée. The mood was outstanding even in the cold and I braved it for a while before I started sniffing. Now I’m in my room with the heat turned all the way up and I can still feel the energy of this city through the window.