Man about town

Drama dogs Josphat’s last days at workplace


I am now serving my notice and I have three weeks to go before I leave my employer of 11 years. I have mixed emotions — on one hand, I am glad to be starting anew but on the other, I am a bit anxious about my new workplace.

This is especially following a conversation with Shiro. Now that she knows about my new employer and the perks that await me, she has become quite interested in the new job. The other day, she spent more than an hour giving me “tales about my new employer”.

She told me that my new employer, “works people so hard and makes them travel”. I told her, “well that is not a bad thing we want to work hard and travel and grow our career.” She said, “well you need to consider the impact of your absence on the family.”

I was taken aback and said, “how do you mean?” She said,” I am concerned that our children will be affected by having both parents away.” I could not believe she was saying this because it now sounded as if she was not approving of my decision.

I told her, “I think you are being too dramatic. I do not think that is the case, plus surely I cannot turn back now, it is a done deal.” This did not seem to appease her as she said, “this is why I wish you had consulted me before you signed. You could have cleared issues about work-life balance.”


I realised that Shiro was still not pleased about my actions to keep her in the dark. So, I told her, “maybe you are overreacting- why don’t you let me start the job first and we see”.

This appeared to appease her as she said, “well hope you are right, but if my children suffer in any way, I might have to come back.” I was shocked by her hardline stance, but I was not about to get into a fight. I told her, “no need getting worked up, things will work out.”

Back in the office, I have also been dealing with a rather interesting turn of events.

The CEO seems to be determined to work me to the bone before I leave. Every day he comes up with new requests about stuff that I “need to leave before you abandon us”. To be honest, some of us is not really in my docket but I am not about to start protesting — I will do all I can and come D-Day I will just leave. To make matters worse the news of my exit has spread throughout the company even though the HR department is yet to make some formal announcement.

Imagine my shock when some lady from the administration department came up to see me. I have seen her a couple of times as I drive into the office but I have never engaged her — I do not even know her name. she must have figured that I did not know her name for she said, “I am sure you cannot remember me but my name is Miriam, you were my senior in college, and we come from the same village.” I had to pretend that I could remember her even if I could not place her.

She then told me “I had to talk to you because I had no one else to talk to”. Then she shared what I can say was an explosive story.

She said she had been sexually harassed by her boss and is hoping that I could help “whistle blow on the issue because you are leaving”.

I asked her, why can’t you do it yourself?” She said, “nothing is safe as long as you are still working here. It is only safe when it is done by someone who cannot lose his or her job — you are leaving anyway so you can help me.” I did not know what to say.