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Consistency brings about confidence and defines us

It makes self-validation a powerful and self-servicing tool to possess.
It makes self-validation a powerful and self-servicing tool to possess. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

I recently made a phone call that left me in deep introspection. I even brooded for a while. Well, alright, I admit that I brooded for a long while after which I reminded myself of the insatiable nature of human selfishness.

No matter how much we do, there will always be need for more, better and a higher frequency of it. You do so much everyday.

Do you ever wonder what it is all about? Whether it really is worth it? I am going to jump right into it and suggest that it is very important to be self-assured. To be devoid of too much need for external approval, acceptance, appreciation and even love.

While this may border on arrogance, hear me out. People — like moths to a candle — are attracted to strong, confident, exuberant and giving people. People who are calm, exude strength and authority even in the face of some rather demeaning situations.

They are usually ready, able and happy to help others. Neediness, on the other hand is generally repelling however justified it may seem.

This is the reason why only a handful of your friends will show up when you need them. Mastering this superior position of strength and assurance is no mean feat. It is not something you wave a magic wand and get.

No one can bestow it on you and you certainly cannot demand it from others — it is not something anyone can give to you however generous they are and you can’t quite award yourself or we would all possess it.

This is an invaluable lesson in private and professional leadership. The position of superior strength and authority as a gift you are privileged to receive when you have earned it. And exactly when is that? When you arrive at consistency. Consistency is not measured by days, weeks, months or a few years. It is about embodying confidence, strength and authority as a default system of operating.

It is when you become the personification of a rare calibre of personal power when you master this.

No matter how many times you fail, no matter how many times you get rejected, no matter how unappreciated you are, you muster your inner strength, hone your resilience and show up yet again offering what you are here to do in a more improved way than you’ve done before.

It is a sure way of establishing your worth and the value that you add. There is no real secret about it. The trick is to think clearly and better. Everyday. The more clarity you have the more certain your positive results.

This is the reason I focus on engaging with you every week. I consistently refresh your awareness of the inherent power that you possess and the unique purpose that you are here to fulfil. I remind you of your innate unlimited intelligence.

The inaudible, invisible and intangible side of you. Yes, I am talking about the side of you that you hardly engage because you do not understand, you’ve never seen it and are therefore to a large extent incapable of acknowledging — let alone putting it to work and have it yield positive results for you.

I am here to consistently help you figure out how you take that unseen part of you and get it out into the world where it can benefit others and have them reward you for it.

A purpose like this makes many things seem less important than they used to be. I have to say that the real benefit of this level of clarity is that it deletes neediness.

It is the level of clarity that quickly blinds you to the rather mundane incidents and situations — like the lack of other people’s acknowledgement.

In fact, it makes self-validation a powerful and self-servicing tool to possess. Self-appreciation is a spring-type in-built system that life may attempt to bend out of shape every so often but springs right back into form in no time at all.

So yes, however much you may wonder, this is to consistently remind you to continue doing that which you do well everyday.

And should you ever wonder about it’s importance again; yes, it is worth it.

Not because anyone acknowledges you but because you deem it worth doing excellently.