Vacationing in a bird’s nest


A room in Bird’s Nest in Zambia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Imagine overlooking one of Africa’s most unique wilderness, the Busanga Flood plains in Zambia’s Kafue National Park, from a ‘birds’ nest’ atop a tree.

The Bird’s Nest is a new destination in Zambia, offering unrivalled experiences.

There are four human-sized nests perched in trees which offer an open view of the plains, be it from the luxurious beds, sitting out at the deck or from the shower.

The main area, covered with canvas, provides an intimate atmosphere for guests. The camp is solar powered, and has a plunge swimming pool to cool off during the hottest times.

Vincent Kouwenhoven, the Green Safaris founder said they have been looking to open a camp in Busanga Plains.

“When exploring the area, we noticed a beautiful Hamerkop nest high up in the trees... and in a split second realised how to build our camp, in sync with Green Safaris strategy to always blend in with nature. And so we went for the birds’ nest concept and made it happen,” he said.

Kenya also has its own Nay Palad Bird Nest which offers a unique concept of nesting and sleeping like a bird, with a 360 degree view of Laikipia from its location at Segera Retreat.

Chisa Busanga Camp (The Bird’s Nest) is inaccessible from November to May as rainfall causes the water level to rise and flood the area.

As the water levels subside a vast floodplain criss-crossed by a network of small tributaries is exposed. Accessibility returns after the rains and guests can visit from June to November.


Bird’s Nest in Zambia. PHOTO | COURTESY

Its remoteness and the most remarkable sunrises as mist rises from the drying floodplain guarantee a magical experience.

Sightings for this area are tree-climbing lions and the red lechwe leaping the small streams. Hartebeest, buffalo and wildebeest provide for some of the best predator (cheetah, wild dog, lion and leopard) action anywhere in Africa.

450 species

For ornithologists, the park boasts a number of endemics, such as Chaplin’s barbet, among over 450 other species.

The safari experience boasts game sightings, close birdlife interactions and the sounds of the bush; all without the constant rumble nor carbon emissions of a diesel powered cars.

All cars taking tourists for game drives are electric powered.

Daniel Allcock, the managing director of Green Safaris said they were thrilled to add “The Nest” to the Green Safaris portfolio.

“I have been a camp manager in the Busanga Plains, so I am intimately familiar and totally in love with this destination. Safari enthusiasts and first-time safari go-ers alike leave with unforgettable memories,” he said.

“The game experience is always our number one priority, but the way we have developed the guest accommodation for this camp as tree houses in the shape of birds’ nests just adds another level to that experience,” he adds.