Lunch options for the deskbound

A meal at Artcaffe. PHOTO | COURTESY
A meal at Artcaffe. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Sometimes you wake up late and your day starts off in a rush to get to work and get things done. The hurry tends to make you forget a bunch of stuff, packed lunch being one of them. Other times you may be swamped with work and leaving your desk for lunch seems impossible. Whichever it is, lunchtime at the office can be quite a mundane affair, especially if you do not know where  to order fresh and wholesome foods.

Here are some places you can order in from without having to leave your desk:

Artcaffe (multiple outlets)

Salads, pizzas, pasta dishes, juicy burgers, smoothies, these are just a few of Artcaffe’s myriad of meals that can be delivered straight to your desk. Should you have a celebration at the office and you need pastries, freshly baked cakes or desserts, all you need to do is place your order 48 hours before to ensure punctuality. Call 0709202020.