Outdoors that glow in the dark

Fluorescent paint. PHOTO | COURTESY
Fluorescent paint. PHOTO | COURTESY 

Sprucing up a home in most instances involves getting a new set of furniture and giving walls a new paint job.

But a make-over can be about doing a little touch up to give a home a new setting. Glow in the dark idea may sound far-fetched but it is one of the easiest ways of giving a home a new look especially when the night falls.

Luminescence paint and decals exist to add an exciting look to the exterior and interior space. The “glow in the dark” décor beauty lies in the night time when it reveals itself. This method is known to soften a room when the lights go off by displaying beautiful art and a welcoming ambience.

Glow in the dark theme is in most cases used in children’s rooms where various objects are drawn for educational or entertainment purposes.

The attractive and educational objects plastered on the walls or ceiling are exposed when night falls making it possible for them to catch-up on science studies one last time before they snooze.

Colour variety

Special, phosphorescence, paints are used to create these images. The paint contains a variety of substance that include phosphors, zinc sulfide, strontium aluminate and depending of the metal used to make the paint it can either radiate pale green or greenish-blue colour.

Depending on the type of luminescent paint, neon-shades can also be achieved.

The colour variety makes it possible for people to adopt varying themes suitable to both girls and boys. Luminescence ideas for children’s room include the Milky Way, cartoon characters or the sky and can be drawn on the walls and ceiling.

The glimmer from the paint is also used to illuminate rooms avoiding total darkness when they lights are switched off.

The unique paint is also used to treat garden furniture or pebbles, and acts to add beauty to the compound especially when different colours are used.

In the garden, for instance, pebbles are arranged in artistic form to display varying artistic shapes when night falls. The glowing pebbles can be used beautifully to create boundaries in and walkways on a garden.

“We ‘treat’ the pebbles to give the glow when the night sets in. Usually the pebbles work well for the gardens especially the walkways but there is no limit to what you can do with the them,” said Festus Ndivo, sales person at Stone Arts.

Indoor space

“They can also be used in the indoor space to give a room additional beauty especially when carefully arranged in the living room or placed on the indoor flower pots,” he said.

Garden ideas as far as glow in the dark is concerned can be stretched to include glimmering flower pots or trees. Transform regular pots by treating them using glow in the dark paint.

Additionally, a person can opt to crown a flower pot using coloured pebbles for the sparkly effect. The glimmering pot plants and trees disrupts the garden without the need for other form of lighting.

The paint bought off the retail shelves comes in powder form and requires a person to make a solution by following the outlined instructions.

The glow in the dark decals can also be used in place of the paint to give a similar look. The stickers available at the supermarket are in most cases fixed on a wall or the ceiling. They are carefully arranged to capture a variety of themes as preferred by a home owner. 

A 100 pieces pack sells from Sh1,000. The stickers are affordable and easily installed.

They are available per piece making them possible to place on chest drawers or bed boards. The phosphorescence theme also works perfectly for parties and event organisers have been tasked by clients to put up glow in the dark décor.