Two jetties set to lift Lamu water transport


A section of Lamu jetty under construction. FILE PHOTO | NMG

The national government has commissioned the first phase of construction and rehabilitation of key jetties in Lamu County which are in a deplorable condition.

Jetties are a crucial element of Lamu’s transport system as they are the main entry and exit points to Lamu Old Town and the adjacent islands within the archipelago.

The first phase will cover the Mokowe Customs Jetty in Lamu West at a cost of Sh599 million while the Mtangawanda Jetty in Lamu East cost Sh72 million.

The second phase of construction of two other jetties, which include the Manda Airport Jetty and the Lamu Mangrove Terminal Jetty in Lamu West, will kick off in two months’ time upon approval and award of enders.

The poor condition of the jetties has mainly been caused by lack of frequent servicing.

Stephen Ikua, Secretary of Administration in the State Department of Public Works, officially launched the project on Monday.

Two contractors were also unveiled with ground work set to kick off next week.

The Mokowe jetty will be constructed under a joint venture of the Appallan Marine and General Contractors Company Limited together with Benris Investments Limited.

Aven Premier International, on the other hand, will work on the Mtangawanda Jetty.

According to Mr Ikua Mokowe jetty, which is the biggest and main link between Lamu mainland and the archipelago, is expected to be completed in two and a half years.