Peptang maker entices Kenyans with bottled 'dawa'


Premier Foods General Manager, Innovations, S. Dharmarajan (left), CEO Joseph Choge (centre) and Head of Sales Marketing Eugine Too during the launch of Recharge Dawa Drink at Mzuzi Park, Kiambu. PHOTO | FAITH NYAMAI | NMG


  • The firm launched its latest product dubbed Recharge Dawa that will be on sale in supermarkets.

Peptang maker Premier Foods, inspired by homemade 'dawa', a herbal drink Kenyans enjoy to treat common flu, has introduced a new beverage, eyeing the market also served by restaurants.

The firm launched its latest product dubbed Recharge Dawa that will be on sale in supermarkets.

Dawa, which means medicine in Kiswahili, is made up of honey, lemon and ginger as its key ingredients. 

Speaking at the unveiling, Premier Foods CEO Joseph Choge said the new drink is a part of the company's efforts in product diversification.

“Market research, customer insights and feedback are the main drivers for product diversification. Through market research, we identify opportunity gaps and develop products to bridge them,” he said.

Mr Choge said the firm has spared Kenyans the trouble and time used to buy the ingredients and make the drink for themselves.

“Recharge Dawa drink contains all the ingredients used by locals; ginger a natural antioxidant, lemon rich in Vitamin C and great for detoxing, and honey a good source of antioxidant,” he said.

“Unlike the homemade drink that one has to drink hot, this one is already packaged for you and is readily available in the market,” he added.

Mr Choge noted that dawa has the health benefits of soothing sore throats, flu or colds, and added that the new product is a good example of listening to the market and moving with the times.

The General Manager, Innovations, S. Dharmarajan said the company is also planning to launch a similar drink for children.

Premier Foods produces dozens of products among them Peptang sauces and jams.