'The Dreamer': Dave Chappelle's latest stand-up special


A Netflix comedy special, ‘The Dreamer’, by Dave Chapelle. PHOTO | COURTESY

In the world of comedy, we've witnessed different iconic figures over time like Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Bernie Mac, Eddie Griffin, and Chris Rock dominating the scene from the '70s through the '90s. Today, the undisputed GOAT, Dave Chappelle, continues to make his mark, most recently with his latest special, The Dreamer, on Netflix.

Directed by Stan Lathan and filmed at the historic Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C, this special explores Dave's early life and his connection with the venue. What is interesting is that the special came out after the explosive Katt Williams club Shay Shay interview that nearly broke the internet, and it might has shaved off some attention from Dave's seventh stand- up special.

Unlike some of his previous show where it felt like Dave was just ranting for the major part The Dreamer maintains a lighter tone, blending story-based jokes with occasional straightforward humour.

Dave skillfully navigates controversial topics, often poking fun at the LGBTQ communities, yet framing it within narrative jokes rather than outright rants. The natural flow of his stories on the intimate stage adds to the charm, acknowledging even weaker materials with ease.

Dave focuses on current events and seamlessly delivers punchlines with world-class pacing. His intricate sets confidently guide the audience toward satisfying payoffs.

Noteworthy is his handling of last year's stage attacks, intertwining humour with sincerity and highlighting his strong friendship with Chris Rock.

While Dave fearlessly jokes about various subjects, including people with disabilities, he manages to do it tastefully. Recognising that stand-up comedy spares no one, he approaches potentially sensitive topics as expected from a comedian of his calibre.

In short, The Dreamer serves as a celebration of dreams, echoing Dave's testament to the power of big dreams. Although it may not be his strongest performance, true fans will undoubtedly enjoy this special.

However, those unfamiliar with Dave's style may find it challenging due to jokes perceived as targeting marginalised groups. Despite its edgy nature, the special stands as a celebration of friendships and dreams, promising an enjoyable experience for those willing to embrace its unique humour.

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