Garden fountain: Choosing the right kind for your home

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Fountains give your home an elegant and calming feeling, especially if you love sitting or entertaining outdoors. FILE PHOTO | POOL

Homeowners are increasingly adding fountains to their front yards. Fountains give your home an elegant and calming feeling, especially if you love sitting or entertaining outdoors.

“There is nothing more serene and striking that makes a powerful statement in a home like a garden fountain. A water feature makes a lovely focal point in any yard, turning it into a soothing environment,” says Francis Karanja of Platinum+Mouldings company.

To choose the right fountain, Mr Karanja advises one to first scout for the different varieties in the market.

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“There are different kinds of fountains, from small to big, to simple and elaborate, to fountains of different materials and styles that include: bronze fountains, pedestal fountains, urn fountains, statutory fountains, animal fountains, rock fountains, fountains, tiered fountains, urn fountains, bubbling fountains, contemporary fountains wall fountain and floating fountain,” he says.

While some are free-standing, others are mounted on a wall. The choice of fountain style and size is solely dependent on the architectural style of the home, the style of landscape design, and the individual taste.

Lack of space, Mr Karanja says, should not be a hindrance as there are numerous options one can explore by getting a little adventurous.

When it comes to size, make sure you install a fountain that will not be too small that it is not visible or have a big one that makes your backyard look congested.

So where should you instal it?

Place the fountain or the water feature either at the end of a pathway or at the bottom of a set of stairs. The material considered to make the fountain is key and should be durable to withstand climate change.

Mr Karanja explains that some materials last longer than others. For instance, Granite which he says is most recommended for outdoor fountains can last for hundreds of years and is easy to clean while Resin which is light in weight can withstand most weather conditions.

Bronze which can last for a long time provides a great colour to the fountain.

Other materials that are also used in making a fountain are concrete which is low cost but can break and chip over time. Others include marble, limestone, and glass.

The final finish of the fountain is also key as it influences the look of the fountain. The location of the fountain is also crucial, as different locations give different effects.

Mr Karanja maintains that garden fountains are more of a focal feature on their own, making the location a vital element in any yard.

With this, a well-installed fountain should thus produce a relaxing sound that is neither too loud nor too muted.

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The water flow rate should be adjustable to create soothing sounds, which is an important aspect of fountains.

Peter Kimathi, the director of Meru Landscape and Garden Design, says that one does not need to be extravagant to bring out sophistication in a yard.

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