Talent war: How top organisations attract and retain high performers

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Great organisations are its people. It is people who make organisations great and sustainable. Wooing and keeping the best talent is one of the prerequisites of high performing organisations. This is because the business world is cut-throat competition.

The talent war is quite real and necessary for any organisation to survive or thrive.

How do flourishing organisations attract high performers? Organisations that strive to be profitable, productive, efficient and sustainable have a durable employer brand.

They have an attractive and strong employer brand. They are well known in the market place for treating employees quite well. People say gossip travels fast. A good name too spreads fast like fire during a dry season.

The market place is a place or word of mouth. If an organisation is doing superb things like having a great culture of professionalism, equitable remuneration, and career progression it will attract memorable performers.

The greatest marketing strategy for exceptional talent acquisition is to have many speaking well about your organisation. In fact, these days one of the most prevalent question from prospective job applicants is 'How is their culture like?' Then issues remuneration. Top talent value a working place they can excel.

Authentic reputation management can be quite magnetic for hiring those employees who bring home the beacon. Top talent value a culture of total wellness. Why should you be paid very highly and become unwell due a bad culture? Prospective applicants scour the internet to read reviews.

What is candidate hiring experience? HireQuotient has defined candidate experience “as a journey that encompasses the entire lifecycle of a candidate's interaction with your organisation, from the initial point of contact to becoming a valued member of your team. It's not just a linear process; it's a dynamic and multifaceted pathway that involves various stages, touchpoints, and emotions."

The enormous merits of candidate experience comprise of enhanced employer brand, attracts top talent, increases offer acceptance rates, boosts employee engagement and retention, reduces time-to-fill and cost-per-hire, generates positive referrals, improves recruitment metrics, mitigates negative reviews, enhances candidate engagement and creates a competitive advantage.

Smart organisations are utilising technological advances for talent attraction. Those organisations use Applicants Tracking System to screen through many CVs. Technology can be useful to get the best candidates in shortest time possible.

Having a strong media presence can also play and integral part in attracting potential recruits. Linkedin is a great catchment area for recruiting. Company websites when well done can create a great candidate experience.

Great organisations have a collaborative culture in building a consistent talent pipeline. This where the organisation keeps data of previous or potential candidates. It can also stretch to learning institutions like universities and professional colleges to get interns who are excelling in various fields.

Commensurate money and benefits related to achieving well-structured and known key performance can be a wellspring of getting productive and competent employees. There should be a reputation of rewarding top performers so that the word spreads.

Magoma is an award-winning HR trainer and conference speaker.

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