Eradicate firearms threat

Recent revelations that there are between 200,000 and 450,000 illegal firearms in circulation in the country are quite alarming.
The government must move fast to ensure that this trend of events is put to an immediate halt.

We believe that the country’s porous borders are a contributory factor and the authorities must step up efforts to eradicate the menace.

The National Small Arms Mapping Survey, a joint effort between the government and the Swiss-based Small Arms Survey, recently reported that more Kenyans were arming themselves to counter the rising insecurity threat.

This is a worrying development that just shows that more efforts need to be applied to contain the situation.

Among the country’s pastoralists communities, the proliferation of firearms is endemic given that the face numerous threats from armed bandits who cross the country’s borders from neighbouring countries.


The borders with Somalia, Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda are the main routes that traffickers use to ferry the weapons into the country.

However, more shocking are the reports that more Kenyans in urban areas are acquiring arms to protect themselves against gangsters.
This just goes to show that Kenyans have lost faith in the police force to defend them.

To ensure that the threat of insecurity does not drive away investors from the country, the onus is now on the government to ensure that this menace is eradicated once and for all. The ball is now on the court of our law enforcement officials.