Spa treatments to pamper the whole family

Duma Spa in Ole Sereni. PHOTO | Courtesy
Duma Spa in Ole Sereni. PHOTO | Courtesy 

So you want to relax tense muscles and enjoy nature’s sounds? A hot stone massage at the Duma Spa in Ole Sereni hotel might just be what you are looking for.

Forget the city’s hustle and bustles, this is the one spot within Nairobi where serenity, luxury and nature seamlessly blend with each other.

During my visit to the spa, I chose the Queens Special— holiday pick comprising the hot stone massage, facial and manicure. Soft instrumental music fills the air as I sip my orange juice.

The masseuse briefs me on the treatment that is scheduled to take two-and-a-half hours.

The warm minty shower that follows feels heavenly after a hectic day’s work and holiday events that had brought with them a distant headache.

Mint and sage scents engulf my whole being as I drop the robe and get on the massage table. A masseuse guides me in the semi-lit room.

As I lie facing down, the oils she is using to massage my body give off the soothing orange blossom aroma which almost immediately makes me relax.

In gentle circular motion, she pours Moroccan-sourced spa essentials on my feet and legs before proceeding to my back and arms—all the while stretching, kneading and piling different pressure on various parts of the body. The oily-palmed motions are soon replaced by massages using smooth, heated stones.

The heat is highly relaxing and help warm up tight muscles, allowing the masseuse to work more deeply and more quickly.

To prove that the hot stones have a sedative effect that can reduce stress and promote deep relaxation, I dozed off half the time I was in the therapy room.

Joan Karanja, the senior therapist at Duma Spa explains that the volcanic rocks used to perform the massage have high silica and iron content, makings them hold heat longer than most stones.

Being the only city hotel bordering the National Game Park, Ole Sereni delights in visits by the weaver birds which add to the soothing sounds at the spa.

The masseuse switches from my body to face where she spends another hour examining my skin type, cleanses, massages and moisturises it before carrying out gentle steaming to open up the pores.

The final touch on the face is unclogging of the pores and toner application.

Ms Karanja advises that I should leave the oils on for a few hours before I shower for my skin to soak up all essential nutrients.

After we are done, she directs me to the salon to get my nails done.

The session ends with a cup of herbal tea and honey in the relaxing lounge.

Ole Sereni, which means “place of tranquility” in the Maa language was established in 2009.

Aside from the Queens Special, the spa offers the King Special which is an equally pampering service for men.

The difference is that the treatment comprises body scrub, sports massage and hair cut, with sessions taking over two hours.

For couples, there is the “Baby n Boo” which involves aroma body scrub and pedicure.