Relish cowboy era with horse riding holiday

Ol Donyo Sapuk Resort has a stable from which we hired two horses to go riding around the town. PHOTO | WENDY WATTA | NMG
Ol Donyo Sapuk Resort has a stable. PHOTO | WENDY WATTA | NMG  

The thrill of galloping along the plains with a herd of shy zebra or giraffes, wind against your face and heart pumping faster, instead of photographing them from the comfort of a 4x4 car is the ultimate luxury travel.

To enjoy a horse riding safari, be a comfortable rider keen at going on long gallops in two point position across different terrains and able to control a spirited horse under conditions that might arise in the bush.

Most travellers shy away from booking horse riding holidays because they don’t know how to keep the horse going for long, but some lodges have designated grounds where you can test ride.

But if you weigh more than 100 kilogrammes, you may just be a spectator.