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Dealfish regional manager for East Africa  Moses Kemibaro during an interview  at his  Yaya Centre offices .  FREDRICK ONYANGO
Dealfish regional manager for East Africa Moses Kemibaro during an interview at his Yaya Centre offices . FREDRICK ONYANGO 

Moses wears many hats; digital technology enthusiast and a digital blogger of note. To get to where he is now,  he has sold seafood to leading hotels in the Kenyan coast, was a restaurant supervisor at some point before jumping into the IT world. He has worked for Kenyaweb, Africa Online and 3Mice before starting Dotssavy, one of Kenya’s Web developers from his bedroom – literally. He was on the fringes when the IT world in Kenya  started expanding and he is glad he got onto the bandwagon.

Dealfish? Do you care to shed some light on this one?

This is a Pan-African online classifieds business. This is a start-up business and in one year we have grown to become Kenya’s leading online classifieds website as well as one of the top local websites.

I have just started operations in Uganda and Kenya is going live soon. It’s been exciting to get back into a start-up business and slowly see it coming together. I enjoy working in Internet start-ups.

What are the operations of Dealfish and why is it unique?


For one, the business is part of MIH, which is one of the largest holding companies for Internet ventures in global emerging markets.

Dealfish is an online classifieds business with Pan-African ambitions. Our website works on mobile phones and computers. We moderate all listings to minimise the risk of fraud and we have a team that offers customer support, data entry and training. We aggregate content from all sources to ensure that we are the only place you need to go to get that great deal.

We are well funded with a long-term business approach. We are free to use for all buyers and sellers no matter how big or small they are.

Is this market ready for you?

Dealfish may have come to the market a little early and we know this. However, we are coming in early because we want to become a market leader from day one. This is something we have already achieved.

However, a big challenge is that online classifieds is  a relatively new concept in Africa unlike the rest of the world. We are essentially creating a whole new market for our services.

People are learning from using our web site everyday and we are changing habits as well as  getting more and more people to embrace online classifieds.

We think the market is getting more receptive every day.

What do you do for fun?

I like the occasional cold beer. I also love spending time with my family.

I am a Formula One nut and follow Lewis Hamilton and the McLaren team.

I have been in the gym for almost a year and I must say I enjoy working out very much. I also like to write and hence my blog is really a labour of passion.

On top of all this,  I’m a gadget freak and love tinkering around with technology in all its myriad forms.

You must travel quite a bit, when you stay in a hotel, what makes you decide if the hotel is good or not?

Hotels are a tricky. I have been travelling a lot in the last few years.  A good hotel ideally has a gym, free WiFi and complimentary services.Hygiene must be good and friendly staff and service priceless. 

Placing an iron box in the room to press clothes for that early morning meeting is really the icing on the cake. Often if you stay in a big hotel, you end up wasting a lot of time waiting for clothes you sent to be pressed while you  could do the pressing yourself. A hotel that gives its guests the option to sort this out by themselves shows that it cares about its customers.

Nice sheets and pillows guarantee a good night’s rest.

What travelling tips would you give a frequent flier?

Always carry one of those multi-plug units so that you can connect your laptop and devices in any country. Drink lots of water to avoid dehydration.

Tuna or beef sandwich?

I grew up on lots of fish living in Mombasa as a child. So, I’m more partial to tuna. They also say it’s healthier than beef and makes you smarter!

Blackberry or iPad?

iPad. I’m an Apple fanboy so its a no-brainer from this perspective.

When did you last take a holiday and where?

Mombasa. A couple of months ago with my family for a few days over a weekend. It was relaxing.

Can you cook?

I am the pizza and pasta guru in my house. Ask my wife.

What do you love most about your car?

It’s a 4x4 Nissan X-Trail. I love the fact that it’s able to get anywhere anytime with its off-road capabilities.

Which feature on your phone do you find most unutilised?

One of the things I never seem to use is the voice commands. I just have never tried them.

East Africa Regional Manager, Dealfish
Age: 38
Hometown: Mombasa, Kenya
Education: United States International University, Business AdministrationProgramme.
Notable achievements: Inaugural Youth Entrepreneur of 1998 at the Kenya Institute of Management Annual Business Awards.
Co-founder DotsavvyLimited.
One of Kenya’s leading bloggers at