Video streaming platforms steal the show from TV

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With the increase in internet penetration, a number of people are switching to video streaming platforms. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

For a long time TV stations have determined majority of content that we consume and as viewers we have had to tune in and follow the programming schedules to catch our favourite shows.

However, with the increase in internet penetration, a number of us are switching to video streaming platforms which promise numerous advantages such a much wider content offering with the sort of flexibility that has never been experienced before.

Leading the charge into the market is Netflix. For as little as Sh1,000 a month viewers are able to get a top range of the latest movies and series. In addition to the comparative lower costs, streaming services offer flexibility allowing users to only pay for the content they are interested in as opposed to cable companies that lock subscribers into script periodic contracts.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime provide a different experience for the viewer as you not only subscribe to your favourite shows, the service will alert you as new episodes are posted. You may also get recommendations on movies and shows that you may like depending on your viewing history.


Despite the massive amount of content offering available in the streaming platforms, dependable Internet remains a key requirement for viewers to stream and enjoy content across the different devices. Conventional TV and cable services remain accessible across different regions ensuring viewers enjoy viewing regardless of the Internet connection.

Brian Roberts, the CEO of Comcast pointed out that, “in video, new entrants, changing consumer habits and aggressive video activity from incumbents continue to result in a competitive landscape,”. As a result cable and TV services providers have been forced to explore innovative and economic ways through which they can reach new customers.

An example of innovation maybe the introduction of ‘DSTV Now’ by Multichoice. The online service enables the over 11.9 million subscribers in Africa to enjoy content on the go. Active subscribers can therefore catch up on movies or even stream live sports action using a variety of devices.

Key advantages such as flexibility and affordability of the streaming platforms look to be waging a massive war on conventional and cable TV.

Nyabera is a technology creative and writer at Protel studios. Email : [email protected]

The Challenge now is on the service providers to come up with creative ways to maintain their viewers and possible to reach out to more.