Duo builds monitor to assess water use, leakage and quality

Mr Brian Bosire (left) and Victor Shikoli of HydroIQ. PHOTO | LYNET IGADWAH | NMG
Mr Brian Bosire (left) and Victor Shikoli of HydroIQ. PHOTO | LYNET IGADWAH | NMG 

Brian Bosire and Victor Shikoli are techies who say Nairobi’s water nightmares and woes should be a thing of the past. Every drop should be traced using a virtual network to benefit consumers, the techpreneurs have said.

Through their tech company Hydrologistics Africa, the duo has invented HydroIQ platform, a GPS and Internet enabled device that is plugged into water supply systems at home and in businesses. It monitors water use, quality and leakages using sensors and relay the data real-time.

“At the end of every month, you receive a water bill that you have to pay despite of the fact that water taps remain dry 2-3 days week,’’ said Mr Shikoli a graduate of Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Mount Kenya University.

Research revealed deep-rooted water problem in Nairobi, the duo says, adding they went a notch higher to figure out a solution to the problem by developing HydroIQ.
Mr Shikoli said water bills account for 11 per cent of a household’s daily income.

“This was a big challenge and after joining MKU, I launched a research and innovation hub to actualise my dreams where I was offered guidelines on how we could actualise and commercialise our invention,” he said.

HydroIQ allows consumers to pay for only the water they consume on pay-as-you-go basis using mobile money.

The idea is to turn water systems into smart water grids to improve efficiencies, sanitation and hygiene.

“HydroIQ introduces automation to intelligently monitor, control and effectively manage water thereby reducing wastage and ensuring profitability, healthy and efficient ecosystem in urban areas,” said Mr Shikoli.

People on HydroIQ monitor and receive water bills and pay via mobile money, eliminating the need for the costly and erroneous physical meter reading.

The device has won global accolades, including Startup of the year 2018 by, a startups magazine; African Startup of the Year Award in Casablanca in January.
HydroIQ will have to compete with other established water solutions providers in Nairobi.