Cleaning up after guests have left

You need not wear yourself out with all the
You need not wear yourself out with all the cleaning that is necessary after the party to restore the composure of your home. PHOTO | FOTOSEARCH 

After hosting a party in your home, all you need is some well-deserved rest as opposed to the tedious process of cleaning up the mess. Some individuals suffer instant depression just by looking at what is left behind after the guests have left.

Most times, soiled sofas, stained floors, carpets and walls, dirty dishes, overflowing trash bins and messed up bathrooms are what you get for being a good host. But you need not wear yourself out with all the cleaning that is necessary after the party to restore the composure of your home.

Hiring the services of a provider is a brilliant way of tackling the challenge as you sit back and reminisce on memories that came with the festivities.

Referrals by friends or a quick online search should give you a list of service providers that are within reach to clean your home. While the market is full of providers of cleaning services, it is always advisable to go for companies rather than individuals while doing the selection.

“It is wise to deal with a company that has insurance cover as this offers recourse in case liability arises during the cleaning,” says Jeffery Wasonga, the Manager at Milele Cleaning Service Ltd.


His company offers complete solution for the party venue including cleaning the floor, kitchen, bedrooms, toilets and home exteriors.

A prior survey is done to assess the mess, and this is what will be used to determine the total price for the clean-up. Charges are pegged on intensity of the job. For instance cleaning a five-seater sofa could cost Sh3,500 while a 7-seater could go up to Sh6,000.

Wasonga adds that customers should not be too sensitive about the price if what they are looking for is quality service.

Eric Otieno of Safisana Home Services says with the mushrooming of cleaning companies today, asking for a provider’s registration papers should be a prerequisite for safety purposes. While the company might have vetted its employees during the recruitment process, it is your responsibility to verify such details before welcoming the cleaners into your home.

If possible, hire the services of a company with uniformed employees to mitigate on chances of inviting thugs into your home.
Should you not be satisfied with the work done, customers can claim a repeat job.

“If a client is not satisfied with the outcome, we gladly re-do the job at no extra cost, within 24 hours,” he says.

“No prior assessment of the venue is required. We quote our price depending on the number of workers sent to the site, scope of work and duration of the assignment,” he says.

Parapet Cleaning Services prefers at least 24 hours notice to plan but this is adjustable depending on emergency cases. Christine Ndwiga, the Assistant head of Marketing at Parapet says a prior site visit is done to establish the scope and special needs for the clean-up.

“This is meant to allow our team time to carry the right equipment, personnel and accessories to get the job done correctly,” she says.

Charges for services offered depend on the workload, total area covered, number of workers deployed to site and specialised tools used.