Ready food, home accessories that come in handy

Bakuli Blue designs. The earthenware pottery has delicate decorations with playful, symmetric or simply charming paintings. PHOTO | COURTESY
Bakuli Blue designs. The earthenware pottery has delicate decorations with playful, symmetric or simply charming paintings. PHOTO | COURTESY 

When choosing a gift this Christmas, one can get lost in the process of making a decision.

Here are some homestead giftings that you can never go wrong with.

Food gifts

It is part of the Kenyan tradition to always carry groceries whenever one is visiting.

However these festivities could bring more cheer if one carries a gift of cooked snacks or meals to a party.

When it was Ms Ivy Wambui’s turn to host her family last Christmas, all she could ask for was help in the kitchen.

It is part of the family custom to make home-made food during this period and later have a barbecue which they all participated in making.

They also are required to all attend church service the morning of Christmas before the feast, leaving them with little time to prepare the meal of the day.

Bringing food to the party has therefore been a common trend in her family of five, where they all agree to help in making one or two of the meals and bringing it over for lunch.

Food gifts such as desserts, soups and pastries all make for perfect gifts to bring along whenever there is a festivity.

Cutlery and crockery

My mum always knows what gifts to give for every occasion and for every person which is why I have always kept and cherished every present she has brought.

When younger, I got jewellery pieces but as I grew older the gifts changed to cutlery sets and soup bowls. Such personalised items have come in handy whenever I have visitors You can receive unique pieces that you won’t find in any other kitchen.

Bakuli Blue is one company that produces beautiful hand-made and painted crockery in a variety of designs— from milk jugs to fruit bowls, mugs, tea cups and plates.
The pottery designs are Middle Eastern which date back to the 9th Century and could also make for beautiful cabinet décor.

For more modern designs, there are a variety of items to select from.

GG’s household and kitchen ware offer some of the items used in entertaining guests such as chafing dishes which can also make great gift items.

Other items include a wine decanter, non-stick cook ware; stainless steel serving spoons, cutlery sets, champagne flute glasses and die cast aluminium cook ware, Such items will always make a good addition to anyone’s kitchen cabinet.

Household accessories

It is tricky choosing a home accessory for a gift item especially if you have no idea what the host likes or what their style is.

However there are some additions which will always blend in with your current style.

The Patrick Mavros collection of homestead gifts could be perfect this season. This collection of sterling silver home accessories come as one piece or a gift set.

Men will always love his collection of cigar ashtrays that are elevated on an animal’s back, They include the lion and monkey ashtray, camel ashtray, crocodile and monkey as well as the elephant and tortoise.

His collection of cocktail spoons and swizzle sticks with animals sculptured on them can also fit in snugly in a wine bar.

For those who like to wine and dine and entertain elegantly, there is a selection of napkin rings, wine coasters and drip rings, salt and pepper shakers and root tree candle holders all in sterling silver.