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Kidum is back, with vigour

Kidum performing on stage. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Every Tuesday while Nairobi hankers down to digest its dinner, a god sings in Westlands’ 40Forty Lounge on Westlands road. In case you are wondering what god this is I speak of, it’s Kidum Kibido.

The last time I watched Kidum was at Uptown Grill in Kilimani in 2017 where he used to perform weekly.

He left a bad taste in my mouth. He strolled in two hours late like a spoilt star, played one song then sat down with his soda. Apparently he was jet-lagged from a Europe trip.

When I heard he was playing at 40Forty Lounge I thought I’d have a look to see if he still had that laissez-faire attitude. I had never been to 40Forty.

It’s on the ninth floor, which offers a view of the Westlands area, a glittering and blinking metropolis at dusk.

One side is all glass. Seating is ample and there is lots of room to swing many cats in.

Kidum’s band played against a large tinted glass wall that faced the city. It was vintage Kidum.

He sat on the drums and he beat songs out of them; his well known hits, renditions of bygones and also songs from his current album.

When he sings, he does it like a trapped bird summoning for help.

And his music entraps you. The Forty40 crowd appreciated his talent by dancing. Although only a Tuesday, the mood was festive.

40Forty Lounge surprised me with its mood more than its decor. It was laid back but somehow a beautiful current ran through it.

If ever there is a need to stop by somewhere for a drink after work, 40Forty Lounge seems like a great contender, because Kidum himself, the virtuoso, will be there to give you a reason to drink more than you intended on a Tuesday.