Man about town

Josphat ignites Shiro’s anger by sending kids to the village


The children have closed school and I am really pleased because I do not have to wake up in the wee hours of the morning to drop them in school and the traffic has eased somewhat.

Last week, I made a decision that did not seem to sit well with Shiro. It all started when I was chatting with one of my colleagues about holidays and about how things have changed since we were kids. I asked him, “what are you doing with the kids to keep them busy?” He responded: “Simple, I take them to the village for at least a week so that do not become phone and playstation addicts.”

I did not think much of this until later that evening when I spoke to my brother. He told me, “I am taking my kids to the village tomorrow, why don’t you bring yours?” And just like that I saw a great opportunity for the kids. I asked the housegirl about what she thought about it she said, “Of course I can go to the village, I will take care of the kids and also get to see my people.”

The next morning, my brother picked up my kids and the housegirl and they drove off to the village. I whistled as I showered as I reflected on a time when I lived as a carefree bachelor and when I could walk around the house stark naked. I was more pleased later in the day when the housegirl texted me that they had all arrived safely and the kids were having a swell time. I got back to doing my work and dealing with yet another request from the CEO.

The CEO is meant to be on leave but frankly his behaviour is very wanting. He keeps on dropping me Whatsapp messages telling me to prepare this or that document for him so that he can, “familiarise himself before he returns to work.” I find this strange since he has delegated authority to the HR manager — why can’t he ask her for the reports. Sometimes I do not understand how these corporate things work.


When I got home that evening, I for once felt the impact of having no kids in the house — there was nothing to eat. I was pondering on what to eat when Shiro’s Whatsapp video call came through. She sounded very pleased about her work and told me about yet another trip she is planning to some market. She told me, “My sister is having a birthday party for her kids on Saturday. You need to take the kids.” I said, “well, I cannot since the kids are not here”. She thought it was a joke as she said, “babes, where have you taken the kids? Have you sold them into slavery?” I responded by saying, “they are in my village — they went with my brother.”

I knew she would not be too pleased but what followed was totally unexpected — Shiro went completely ballistic. She went on and on about why I did not consult her, about how my family home is not hygienic and how the kids might catch all manner of infections basically not many nice things. I had to stop — her and tell her,” when you took this job, you said, I could do what is best for the children, I do one small thing and you are hitting the roof.” She tried to cite all manner of reasons for the children not going to the village but I realised that I had to dig in I said, “It is only the village they will not die.” She then hang up on me.

I was not going to budge on this one, especially after she had described my village as primitive.

Shiro must have figured that out because an hour later, I received a text from her saying, “babes, I am sorry I lost it but you need to be consulting me on things do with the kids.” Her apology felt so good since it was an admission of defeat.